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 +==== Cyber Threat Information Analysis and Sharing System ====
 +==== System to comprehensively analyze and share information on cyber threats and security incidents ====
 +  * Customer Profile
 +The customer is a semi-government organization dedicated to the protection of the Internet and information,​ invigoration of online services and international cooperation for related field.
 +  * Business Challenge
 +As cyber-attacks (e.g., malicious codes or viruses) spread through the Internet, there came a need to take a national response to the cyber threats and security incidents. To this end, our customer wanted to establish a national-level system. The major goals of this project are as follows.
 +Establishing a system that can profile information about cyber threats and security incidents and analyze linkage
 +A need to collect, analyze and share information on cyber-attacks comprehensively to quickly respond to the security incidents and prevent damages from spreading further
 +  * Mobigen Solution
 +Mobigen was selected as the main contractor for the project and established a system that enables systematic nationwide management of large-scale cyber-attacks and notification of ongoing situation to each relevant organization,​ thereby preventing the spread of the attacks.
 +Collecting data not only from the systems of client’s in-house divisions but also more than 100 security-related external systems operated by many different companies and institutions(e.g.,​ antivirus software makers, controlling agencies and ISP)
 +Conducting profiling on cyber threats and security incidents based on IRIS, Mobigen’s big data platform
 +Analyzing on similar cases through correlated analysis about the collected data and providing notification function
 +Making visualization on malicious codes and security incidents
 +Sending information to the systems of hundreds of external organizations
 +  * Business Value
 +The newly-established system through this project offers an environment that can comprehensively analyze track records of cyber-attacks and all the information on when, where and how the cyber criminals made an access to the servers. This system was designed to make an early response to cyber-attacks and prevent spread of damages through comprehensive data analysis and sharing. With this system in place, our customer could get a full picture of the information on the threats, which used to be gathered separately by various systems. Moreover, this system classified threat information by types, sent and shared them to external institutions. With an establishment of the ‘System to Analyze and Share Cyber Threats and Information,​’ users came to understand the overall situation about various cyber terrors and security incidents. By identifying signs of possible threats, they could greatly reduce damages from cyber terrors.
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