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Edge Data Center, Virtualized Data Center Management

- Edge Data Center O&M Solution


When edge computing is activated, many cloud systems will be distributed and operated in the network edge area.

  • Requires to have the centralized management (O&M) of both VNF infrastructure, such as virtual resources and services, as well as physical infrastructure, such as hardware, software and network
  • Requires to monitor and control heterogeneous application framework in flexible manner in real time
  • Requires a system that can collect information and apply policies flexibly from/to the increasing managed nodes / systems
  • Requires a stable management system minimizing human errors through automating the simple and repetitive tasks to the massive nodes and systems

System Architecture

  • T-CORE 기반 엣지 데이터 센터 O&M 솔루션 구성도

Key Features

Scalable and flexible data collection framework that plugin-based open source agent applied

  • Gathers various types of source data through the input plug-in
  • Converts and aggregates data through its own processes and the aggregating plug-in
  • Transfers the collected data to various back-ends through various output plug-ins

Real-time data processing platform

  • Real-time Streaming, Complex Event Processing
  • Time-series and text data storage & analysis
  • Provides API-based processing and analysis data

Analytics platform

Automated framework

  • Automates installation and setup of ansible and template-based agent(Telegraf)
  • Simple and periodic job setup and result management

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