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Line 34: Line 34:
 <td rowspan="9"><span class="year">2019</span></td> <td rowspan="9"><span class="year">2019</span></td>
-<td><span class="month">05</span></td>+<td><span class="month">06</span></td>
 <td><span class="font16"> <td><span class="font16">
-Collaboration Recommendation Technology - Development of Personalized Media Platform for SKT<br> +Participated in ICT TREND ROAD SHOW Conference Big Data Section: IRIS Introduction<br>
-Build marine logistics big data analysis platform for "valuerinkU corporation"<br> +
-Participated in 2019 Wireless Japan Exhibition (IRIS, MDT)+
 </span> </span>
 </td> </td>
 </tr> </tr>
-<td><span class="month">04</span></td> + 
-<td><span class="font16">New Mobility TF - UBI of development of Interoperability for Hanhwa Insurance <br+<td><span class="month">05</span></td> 
-Participated in 2019 AI Expo Exhibition (Introduce of IRIS, Direct Cloudin japan<br>+<td><span class="font16"> 
 +Participated in 2019 Wireless Japan Exhibition (IRIS, MDT)
 </span> </span>
 </td> </td>
 </tr> </tr>
-<td><span class="month">03</span></td> +<td><span class="month">04</span></td> 
-<td><span class="font16"> New Mobility TF Traffic Prediction Platform Development for SKT<br> +<td><span class="font16"> 
-Build management system of disaster safety network optical core system and dedicated line for SKT+Participated in 2019 AI Expo Exhibition (Introduce of IRIS, Direct Cloud) in japan<br>
 </span> </span>
 </td> </td>
Line 58: Line 57:
 <td><span class="month">02</span></td> <td><span class="month">02</span></td>
-<td><span class="font16">Participated in MWC2019(Mobile World Congress) and introduced IRIS, Probe, EPP and MDT Solutions.</span>+<td><span class="font16">Participated in 2019 MWC(Mobile World Congress) and introduced IRIS, Probe, EPP and MDT Solutions in Spain</span>
 </td> </td>
 </tr> </tr>
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