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 </​style>​ </​style>​
-<span class="​title01">​History</​span><​br>​+<span class="​title01" id="​top">​History</​span><​br>​
 <span class="​title02">​This is a Mobigen’s historical timeline, <span class="​title02">​This is a Mobigen’s historical timeline,
 which shows a trace of the footsteps we have taken with our clients.</​span><​br><​br>​ which shows a trace of the footsteps we have taken with our clients.</​span><​br><​br>​
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 <tr> <tr>
 <td rowspan="​9"><​span class="​year">​2019</​span></​td>​ <td rowspan="​9"><​span class="​year">​2019</​span></​td>​
 +<​td><​span class="​month">​12</​span></​td>​
 +<​td><​span class="​font16">​Received 2019 SKT New ICT Pride Awards
 +<​td><​span class="​month">​11</​span></​td>​
 +<​td><​span class="​font16">​Participated in Jiran Japan Tech Day: IRIS, Probe Introduction<​br>​Received 2019 SK Corporation Shared Growth Award
 +<​td><​span class="​month">​10</​span></​td>​
 +<​td><​span class="​font16">​
 +Received Excellent Company Special Award in 2019 ICT Innovation Awards<​br>​
 +Selected as Work and Life Balance Theme Company by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry<​br>​
 +Participated in 2019 HPE Hybrid IT Partner Day: IRIS Introduction
 <​td><​span class="​month">​06</​span></​td>​ <​td><​span class="​month">​06</​span></​td>​
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 </​table>​ </​table>​
 <​br><​br>​ <​br><​br>​
 </​html>​ </​html>​
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