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Areas of Expertise

IRIS Probe
Big Data Platform
- Builds up distributed big data system
- Provides big data analytics environment
- Provides Hadoop package solution
- Provides customized APIs for enterprise big data applications
- Consulting service in building up the big data system
- Technical support when data modeling
Service Quality Management based on the Packet Data
- Collects packets from LTE control plane and user plane
- Creates a data call record(xDR, eXtended Data Record) per end-to-end data call
- Collaborates with a big data system
- Provides insight into the customer experience
- Collects and analyzes 5G packets
Machine Learning/Deep Learning
- Big data analytics and prediction based on machine learning/deep learning
- End-point security(EPP) based on machine learning
- AI-based Operational Intelligence
- AI-based prediction on the machine failure
Operations Support System
- Automates equipment control and operation processes
- Service quality monitoring
- Integrated NMS for LTE and 5G
- Network failure and performance monitoring
- MDT(Minimization of Drive Test)
- Edge Network Automation

Understand The Value Of Your Data

IRIS helps analysts resolve the various challenges facing in the process of big data analytics.

  • Hard to process big data in real time due to the high growth of data volume
  • Increase overall time for data analysis due to the repetitive non-analysis tasks, such as requesting development to programmers
  • Difficult in identifying rapid data distribution and in getting sample data from big data
  • Restrict when analysts analyzes data using the existing analysis tools

Easy to gain insights by understanding data based on the unique big data analysis process running on IRIS

IRIS machine learning/deep learning capability helps you get the answers you want with only a few clicks.

  • Anomaly detection based on machine learning
  • Fault prediction
  • AI-based operational intelligence

Key Benefit

  • Extreme data loading performance: Loads 272,074 entries per second
  • Rapid exploration over the entire big data: Searches 727,228,752 data entries in few seconds
  • Variety of visualization tools: Classified into the different categories(Time series, distribution, relational, outlier, map)
  • On-the-fly anomaly detection: Detects anomalies by a few clicks
  • User-defined dashboard: Allows users to create own dashboard

Go Toward Customer-Oriented Network Operation With Lower OPEX

Telecom network operators are still struggling with challenges in the network operation

  • Need for network management from the customer perspective
  • Hard to reduce operation cost
  • Inefficient utilization of network data

Competitive solutions supporting various operational tasks from the customer perspective and the cost reduction perspective

  • Service quality management based on the 4G/5G packet data
  • Integrated network failure/performance management for 4G/5G mobile networks
  • Communication network management for high-speed railway(LTE-R)
  • Remote management of WiFi AP and LTE femtocells
  • Smart grid network management
  • MDT(Minimization of Drive Test)
  • Edge Network Automation

Key Benefit

  • Monitors network fault and performance in real time
  • Monitors and analyzes end-to-end service quality from customer perspective
  • Provides an integrated view
  • Provides comprehensive management environment - element management, network management and service management

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