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Customer Experience Assurance System

Providing best network and customer insight to improve customer-centric service quality

  • Customer Profile

The client is a Korea’s tier-1 mobile service provider that boasts approximately 30 million subscribers across the country. It actively responds to evolution of mobile communication network technologies such as 2G CDMA, CDMA 2000 1X, EV-DO, WCDMA, HSDPA networks, while offering nationwide mobile services. Since commercialization of 4G LTE network in 2011, the company has been playing a leading role in settling mobile broadband services through an early supply of nationwide network.

  • Business Challenge

The client, a leading LTE service provider in Korea, was running service assurance systems suitable for network structure and service characteristics under systematically-designed short-to long-term plans, in a bid to maintain the current competitive edge and offer high-quality service to customers. However, with technological evolution toward All-IP based 4G LTE network, it came to face several problems as follows. The existing system has a limit in tracking quality of various services that each customer experiences in using 4G LTE network and another difficulty in identifying root cause of the problems. A need to systematically manage objective indicators for service quality A need to adopt a new type of solution that can process big data at high speed because of the enormous amount of data to be handled Costs that will increase significantly with the adoption of a new system For that reason, the client came to push for the adoption of a new solution that can meet the following demands. Real-time monitoring on service quality (e.g., quality of network connection, quality of each application service, etc.) for customers using 4G LTE services Analysis on customers affected by quality degradation Management on customer experience related to customer VOC Intensive monitoring and analysis on quality of VoLTE service

  • Mobigen Solution

The client came to establish a system that enables monitoring of service quality felt by each individual customer and identifying causes of quality degradation by analyzing packets captured from 4G LTE network through cooperation with Mobigen.

This system enables a real-time processing on more than 100 billion daily call log (xDR) created by the packet data collected from the probe installed in each region. Tapping into more than 20 years knowhow and experience in mobile communication service, the system offers not only Key Performance Indicator (KPI) from operator’s point of view, but also various quality indicators for customer experience such as Key Quality Indicator (KQI) and Customer Experience Indicator (CEI) from customer’s perspective. By doing so, it provides an environment that allows real-time monitoring on service quality and prompt identification on root causes of service degradation, affected customers and equipment.

  • Business Value

Through this system, operation staffs of the client came to monitor end-to-end quality in real time and track whether network resources are efficiently used. By responding to customer complaints about quality promptly and properly, the client is realizing customer satisfaction. Moreover, it is harnessing various monitoring/analysis data provided by this system for network operation, engineering and marketing as well. In conclusion, the client is running this system as the core system for company-wide decision making for customer experience.

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