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Network requirements for the edge-based service(e.g. IoT service)

  • Low latency
  • High speed traffic
  • Large capacity traffic
  • Massive connection

Requires to integrate transport network control and the distributed edge/cloud resource control for effective use the edge computing infrastructure

For dynamic and effective deployment of the edge-based services,

  • The service-aware multi-layer transport network control and the edge/cloud orchestration capabilities are required.
  • Close coordination among analytics platform, transport network and edge/cloud infrastructure is required.

IoT applications on the edge nodes(e.g. IoT Gateway) shall be able to run on-demand connectivity services to the cloud as needed.

System Architecture

Key Features

Multi-Layer/Multi-Vendor Transport Network Orchestrator(T-SDN Controller)

  • Integrated control of multi-layer/multi-vendor packet/optical network
  • Integrated control of heterogeneous multi-vendor equipments
  • Controls data center network designed with Spine-Leaf architecture
  • Integrated control of virtual network as well as physical network

Edge/Cloud Infrastructure Orchestrator

  • Dynamic configuration for VMs on the edge/cloud
  • Dynamic connection between edge nodes(e.g. IoT Gateway) and VMs
  • Interworking ETSI MANO and 3rd party MANO

Network Big Data Analytics Platform

  • network operation related big & fast data processing platform
  • Intelligent network automation based on machine learning/deep learning
  • Resource Optimization, Line/Service Planning, Fault/Performance Predication, Anomaly Detection
  • Routing Analytics, Intelligent Bandwidth Management
  • Security Management

Global Service Orchestrator

  • Network-as-as-Service Platform
  • Orchestration for the end-to-end network services
  • Customer & Operator Portal

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