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This is a mobigen’s historical timeline, which shows a trace of the footsteps we have taken with our clients.

2022 01 MOBIGEN, Obtained 1 level of GS certification for IRIS Enterprise DB v3.0
MOBIGEN, Selected as a youth-friendly strong enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2021.
2021 12 MOBIGEN, Awarded the 16th Korea Internet Awards Minister of Science, Technology and Information and Communications.
11 MOBIGEN, Obtained NIS Security Certificate of One Vision SDN Controller.
MOBIGEN was selected as the best partner in synergy at SK Telecom and SK Broadband "Shared Growth Pride-Awards 2021".
05 Selected as a Innovative Enterprise of National Representative "1000"
01 Selected as a youth-friendly strong enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2021.
2020 12 Awarded Minister Prize of Science and ICT, Technology Commercialization Festival in 2020.
Awarded the commendation from NIA(National Information Society Agency) in Data, Network, and Artificial Intelligence (DNA) Best Practice Awards of the Year.
11 Project received for implement big data platform and service from LH(KOREA LAND & HOUSING CORPORATION).
MOU with MOBIGEN and CCCR to foster youth talents in converged technology based on big data.
10 Participated in Japan IT Week exhibition in collaboration with IRIS and Direct Cloud.
MOU with MOBIGEN and CHUNGNAM National University to foster core talents in converged security based on big data.
07 Acquired software process quality certificate (SP certification level 2) by the NIPA.
04 IRIS SaaS Beta Version open (
Selected as a DNA (Data, Network, AI) innovative company hosted by the NIA.
2019 12 Received 2019 SKT New ICT Pride Awards
11 Participated in Jiran Japan Tech Day: IRIS, Probe Introduction.
Received 2019 SK Corporation Shared Growth Award.
10 Received Excellent Company Special Award in 2019 ICT Innovation Awards
Selected as Work and Life Balance Theme Company by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Participated in 2019 HPE Hybrid IT Partner Day: IRIS Introduction
06 Participated in ICT TREND ROAD SHOW Conference Big Data Section: IRIS Introduction
05 Participated in 2019 Wireless Japan Exhibition (IRIS, MDT)
04 Participated in 2019 AI Expo Exhibition (Introduce of IRIS, Direct Cloud) in japan
02 Participated in 2019 MWC(Mobile World Congress) and introduced IRIS, Probe, EPP and MDT Solutions in Spain
01 Project received for 'Smart Citizen Communication · Policy Decision Support Public Data Integration Platform' for Suwon City.
Selected as a youth-friendly strong enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor
2018 11 Won the Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication Minister Award in the '2018 Software R&D Performance Presentation' Received an order for the pilot project for building the defense-broadband integrated network, T-SDN [K-ICT Net Challenge Camp Season 5] Demonstrated the network service design technology based on the network function virtualization(NFV) for the automatic control of 5G mobile network Participated in the next generation OSS(Operation Support System) deployment project with SK Telecom for Bharti Airtel(the 3rd largest cellular service carrier in the world)
07 Acquired a license for engineering business
05 [Patent Registration] Device and method for predicting abnormal point of time of system based on time series data
03 Moved the head office (C-16th Floor, 128, Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
01 Received an order for the development project of the information sharing system of the abnomal financial transaction from Financial Security Institute
2017 12 Won the Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication Minister Award by the 12th Korea Internet Grand Prize, Internet Technology Leading Part Received an order for the next generation integrated information system project for the airport railway service
09 Released IRIS - Intelligent Big Data Analysis Platform
07 [Patent registration] Method of predicting fault data of mobile communication equipment and its device
06 IRIS collaborated with Metatron, SK Telecom's big data analytics solution, on big data business Received an order for the development project of the Integrated NMS(Network Management System) from SK telink
02 [Patent Registration] No. 1712594, Data management system and its method for multi-layered storage
2016 12 Participated in the commemoration conference of the Intelligent Information Industry Association and introduced success stories of the cloud service fault detection using deep learning tensor flow Received the Best Cooperation Partner Award from SK Telecom
10 Received an order for the Cloud-based Disaster Big Data Research Platform project from National Disaster Management Research Institute
09 Participated in 'Soft Wave 2016' and introduction of IRIS Big Data Platform
05 [Patent Registration] No. 10-2015-0185108. Log pattern extracting device, log pattern analyzing device and the method
04 Participated in 'HPE Ecosystem Forum 2016' and introduced IRIS Big Data DB solution
03 Participated in '2016 Bigdata Analytics Conference' and introduced real-time big datga analytics and success stories Participated in 'SECON 2016 (International Security Exhibition & Conference) and introduced the mobile network attack/infringement detection system working on the big data platform
01 [Patent Registration] No. 10-1585160. Distributed Computing System Providing Independent Execution Environment and Control Method of Distributed Computing System Mobigen homepage received the '&Awards' award in software part
2015 09 Selected as a managing company for Global Creative Software project (GCS) supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) Introduced big data use cases and analytics technology at Big Data Symposium 2015 Introduced the use cases of big data and advanced analytics at CIO Big Data Conference
08 Introduced log and advanced analytics for fault monitoring in cloud centers at Cloud Datacenter Forum 2015
04 Introduced success stories of IRIS big data platform for expanding capacity of the large scale data warehouse system at Public Solution Market 2015
02 Integrated Spark, an open source framework, into Mobigen's IRIS Big Data DB
2014 12 Received SK telecom Partner Award
10 Launched IRIS Hadoop Solution for enterprise
06 Renewed Quality Management ISO-9001 (international standard certification)
2013 09 Implemented Cyber Attack Analysis System for Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA)
06 Implemented Big Data Analysis Center for National Information Society Agency (NIA)
03 Renewed Korea Venture Business
2012 12 IRIS Enterprise V1.0 received the Grand Prize in New Software Product from Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
07 Launched 'IRIS' cloud big data DB
05 Launched CrediMail V7.0 Beta 0.1
2011 06 Renewed Quality Management ISO-9001 (international standard certification)
03 Renewed Korea Venture Business
2010 10 [Certification] Acquired CrediMail V6 GS certificate (Good Software)
08 Designated as family enterprise by Industrial Bank of Korea
06 Selected as exemplary taxpayer by Seoul Metropolitan Government
04 [Certification] Acquired Mail Archiver V1 GS certificate (Good Software)
2009 09 Certified as ‘A+ Members’ enterprise by Korea Technology Finance Corporation
06 [Certification] Acquired CrediMail V5 GS certificate (Good Software) [Certification] Acquired “CreditSheild V4” GS certificate, a spam-shielding solution (Good Software)
04 Registered as member of Korea Venture Business Association
2008 10 Registered as member of INNO-BIZ Association
06 Renewed Quality Management ISO-9001 (international standard certification)
03 Relocated Mobigen Lab to Seongnam Office
02 Awarded as Honor Partner by SK Telecom
2007 08 Won Good Proposal Award at SK Telecom’s Open Idea Festival
07 Relocated Head Office to Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu
2006 10 Selected as HP eKorea Partner
06 [Certification] Acquired “CreditSheild V3.3” GS certificate, a spam-shielding solution (Good Software)
05 Acquired INNO-BIZ certificate
04 Launched CrediMail V4.0
2005 05 Acquired ISO9001 Selected as honor IT firm (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
04 Selected as enterprise responsible for IT advance and innovation by SME (Small & Business Administration)
2004 11 Selected as “military service alternative enterprise” by Military Manpower Administration Certified as IT solution partner of Samsung Electronics
01 Selected as good product by Public Procurement Service Won “Best Partner Award” by SK Telecom
2003 12 Won “Best Partner Award” by SK Telecom
09 Won Special Award at 2003 Seoul Venture Award
06 Relocated Head Office to Seoul Venture Town, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
03 Selected as new software pick for March
02 Launched “LOBA v1.0”, a IT location-based ad solution
2002 09 Acquired IT mark awarded to SMEs with competitive IT capabilities from the former Ministry of Information & Communications
08 Selected as high-potential SME (Small & Medium Business Corporation)
2001 12 Designated as excellent new technology creator in IT sector Opened auxiliary lab
03 Registered as venture start-up Registered IBM solution partnership
2000 03 Established Mobigen

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