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Access big data direct, understand and get insight quickly without support from developers

  • Searches log data, operation data and machine data stored in IRIS DB in real time
  • Allows data analysts to search raw big data and get insight through an intuitive GUI without any support from developers
  • Improves user experience through integrating with open source analytic tools and BI tools

Search and Visualization Directly over the Big Data

  • Enables ultra-fast visualization of source data and supports a variety of visualization charts according to the analysis purposes
  • Provides analysts with a capability to directly access raw data, search specific data, and understand data distribution without any help from developers quickly and easily
  • Manages the analysis work flow seamlessly from query analysis to visualization

Anomaly Detection Based on Machine Learning

  • Provides on-the-fly anomaly detection over the selected region of data
  • Spots the most abnormal case from the selected range of data by a few more clicks
  • Compares current data with the previous reference period, whether they are within normal upper bound and lower bound

User-defined dashboard and reporting

  • Provides users with an intuitive GUI for creating user-defined reports and configuring dashboards without the help of developers
  • IRIS has a built-in spatial query engine for spatial big data processing and provides the ability to display various data at different layers.

Tightly combined with a variety of advanced analytic tools

  • Provides analysts with the data flow environment between IRIS and a variety of advanced analytic tools

Variety of analytical commands

  • Provides over 20 analytical commands(e.g. ade - anomaly detection engine) that helps analysts conduct deep analysis, detect abnormal event patterns and reduce time

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