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Gathers, extracts, transforms, and loads structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from the various types of external systems

Real-time data collection with the distributed architecture

  • Provides variable configuration and scalability according to configuration of the target system, processing capacity, and data generation speed
  • Supports redundancy and HA(High Availability)

Stable data processing framework based on event-driven architecture

  • Independent event management of individual ETL process
  • Process fault management

Standard stream I/O

  • Reliable high-speed I/O processing at kernel level
  • Event processing based on the standard stream(STDIN/STDOUT/ERR) data channel
  • Kill prevention of process daemon

Easy DevOps

  • Seamless job processing of ETL job development, testing and deployment
  • Manages(e.g. monitor, start, stop) multiple processes at once
  • Reusable component structure
  • Rapid failure response


  • Prevents system from forgery through encrypting the information on ETL configuration
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