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About the Product

The IRIS Enterprise Hadoop is a solution, which was packaged for and tailored to the specific needs of enterprise customers originally from open source Hadoop systems. The solution supports interfaces for analysts, cluster administrators, and system administrators, which were designed to promote user convenience. The interface for analysts has higher than normal usability and is available for Ad-Hoc analysis. In particular, a separate interface and the R console are provided for time series analysis.

Product Advantages

  • Integrating Open Source Hadoop Platform
  • Providing integrated open source Hadoop platform
  • Hadoop platform integrated with Ambari and Hue
  • Analysis module: integrated OpenTSDB, RStudio, and log search feature

  • Specially Designed System Analysis Feature
  • Providing a monitoring feature adaptable for the network and system properties
  • Providing an independent interface for system administration

Key Features

  • Conveniently Integrated Interface Providing an integrated interface for individual Hadoop software
  • Interface with Higher Usability Providing an integrated, web-based interface Offering both shell and the
  • scripting/console interfaces
  • Integrated Analysis InterfacePresenting an integrated interface for R, Hive, and Pig scripts


  • Data analytics platform for telecom industry : the solution can be used as an analytics platform to process the massive log data gathered from telecommunication network
  • Big Data platform for utilities : it is adaptable for a large-scale electricity management and analytics system
  • Integrated Big Data platform : it can serve as a standard, integrated Big Data analytics platform for enterprise customers
  • Big Data platform for researchers : it can be utilized for the establishment of a Big Data analytics platform consisting of mini-clusters for research purposes
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