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About Company

Inspiring Technology for Smart & Intelligent Business

Mobigen is a company specializing in smart ICT solutions and services. We are committed to providing the best Big Data solutions and OSS solutions to help our enterprise, public sector and service provider customers establish a smart business environment.

Since its establishment in 2000, Mobigen has become a success story by providing for the first time in Korea a real-time quality of experience analysis service for a communications network which utilizes large-scale billing data. Mobigen’s superior service has contributed to an early stabilization of the mobile communications environment as well as to a quality improvement of mobile communications service in Korea. Moreover, Mobigen replaced a communications network management system architecture constructed by a large server with an innovative small Linux cloud servers. This drastically reduced the costs for hardware purchase and high-priced database licensing and thereby, the capital expenditures and operating expenses of our customers were also successfully reduced.

In the domestic webmail market which is dominated by high-volume, foreign webmail solutions, we developed a large-scale webmail solution with our own technology and introduced the solution to major portals, government agencies, public offices, and large corporations in Korea. Mobigen made a great achievement in domestically producing a large-scale webmail solution.

All of this was made possible by our research and development efforts with which we realized our creative ideas for a real-time processing of mass data at the time when there was no concept of Big Data or cloud. Ten years have passed since then and now we are living in the era of Internet of Things or even the era of Internet of Everything. In a bid to realize the creative ideas of our customers and anticipation for the future, we will strive to develop more innovative and inspiring technologies.

Company Overview

  • Company Name: Mobigen Co., Ltd.
  • Establishment Day: March 21, 2000
  • CEO: Tae-soo Kim, Pil-ju Ko
  • Tel: +82-2-538-9360
  • Headquarters: C-16th Floor, 128, Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 05854
  • Sector: Business, ICT Software consulting and development
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