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An integrated network management system that monitors and analyzes failures and traffic in multi-vendor and multi-technology LTE-based networks, such as 4G LTE, LTE-R, LTE-M and PS-LTE

  • Supports multi-vendor, multi-technology LTE-based networks
    • 4G LTE(Mobile)
    • LTE-R(Railroad)
    • LTE-M(Maritime)
    • PS-LTE(Public Safety)
  • Offers a single view interface for integrated monitoring and analysis
  • Provides an integrated monitoring view to help proactively identify potential network failures and quality issues

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Network Failures

  • Real-time monitoring of multi-network failures in an integrated view
  • Intensive monitoring and popup feature for critical failures
  • Analysis of recurrent network failures

Periodic Performance Monitoring and Statistics

  • Comprehensive monitoring of network performance and service quality
  • Detailed quality analysis through the network topology feature
  • Visible/audible performance monitoring which enables the immediate reporting of performance degradation to network operators by producing KPI alarms

Trouble Ticketing

  • Issuing trouble tickets according to the user's pre-defined rules
  • Sending tickets via SMS or email
  • Managing the status of issued trouble tickets

External Interface

  • Provides external systems with the fault, configuration, and performance data collected and processed through a standard interface

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