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LTE Network Data Analysis

Integrated monitoring and analysis on quality of 4G LTE service

  • Customer Profile

The client is a telecommunication operator that provides wired and wireless communications service. The company commercialized 4G LTE service for the first time in Korea and expanded the service across the nationwide network after making aggressive investment to secure subscribers.

  • Business Challenge

To gain a competitive edge on quality competition in the early stage of 4G LTE service, the client company decided to introduce a system that can monitor quality of the service based on every single customer call in near real time and analyze quality of LTE network. The major requests from the client are as follows.

Analyzing service quality to stabilize network quality at the early stage of 4G LTE service Managing quality based on EPC call flows Monitoring and analyzing nationwide network quality in near real time Backing up flexible scalability in preparation for possible increase in traffic

  • Mobigen Solution

The 4G LTE network quality analysis system established through this project set up a system using IRIS, Mobigen’s massive big data DB solution, as a basis platform. This was to achieve quality management of network and service by using massive data of the client's network. The IRIS is helping the client maintain best network quality and gain a competitive edge by offering the functions below.

Processing massive, peta-byte data at high speed Offering real-time analysis on statistics about various log data Maximizing capacity through real-time data compression Balancing the load through data multiplexing and providing seamless service Supporting scale-out scalability

  • Business Value

Mobigen’s IRIS enables the client to manage status of LTE network subscribers and service quality in real time, thereby contributing to the stabilization of service quality and winning customer satisfaction.

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