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High-performance Probe Appliances

for Real-time Packet Capture and Analysis on 4G LTE Network

Deep Packet Capture

  • Probe appliance with a self-developed high-performance packet filtering and analysis engine

Multi-network Support

  • Supports various types of mobile network such as 4G LTE (including VoLTE) and 5G

Packet Data Correlation from E2E Perspective

  • Provides end-to-end visibility for an individual call by correlating the signaling information and bearer information

Root Cause Analysis

  • Provides a capability of analyzing root cause of the quality degradation by correlating signaling and user data
  • packet and by showing comprehensive information related with the corresponding call

Real-time Subscriber Intelligence

  • Provides an ability to analyze service quality that the subscriber actually perceived, in real time

PCAP Analysis

  • Provides an intuitive analysis environment of an individual call flow based on 3GPP call procedure

xDR Creation

  • Provides xDRs on a per-call basis for a variety of use case implementations
    • E2E Service Assurance
    • CEM(Customer Experience Management)
    • Analysis of 3G dropping (LTE → 3G)
    • Network Optimization

Key Benefits

  • Provides a capability of analyzing per-call service quality based on the signaling procedure
  • Helps operators dramatically reduce time spending for problem analysis, by providing information about the root cause of the call failure and the network section that affected the failure
  • Provides a capability of analyzing 3G dropping (LTE → 3G) per a subscriber for figuring out the low signal area
  • Provides an ability to monitor and analyze the VoLTE service quality the subscriber actually perceived
  • Provides cell information increasing NPR(No Paging Response) for improving cell optimization activities
  • Provides a capability of analyzing PCAP data based on the 3GPP call procedure
  • Provides operators with detailed information(MME Interface, Network Equipment, UE Model, Subscriber, etc.) for service quality analysis
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