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Integrated management system based on TR-069

Integrated and remote management of large-scale subscriber devices(e.g. WiFi AP) as well as the indoor/outdoor femtocell(Home e_NodeB) with a TR-069 standard protocol

  • Offers an integrated, remote management environment for a large number of small devices, such as the multi-vendor WiFi AP (Access Point) and LTE femtocell (Home e-NodeB)
  • Supports the TR-069 protocol, a technical specification published by the Broadband Forum
  • Allows an immediate response to a customer’s complaints
  • Helps network operators reduce maintenance costs

Device management Status and event/performance monitoring

  • Performance check and periodic trend monitoring
  • Event and performance monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • Overall management status and organization/area/vendor-specific CPE management statistics screen
  • Job status check for logged-in users
  • Information check and control for event notifications sent by CPE(Customer-premises Equipment)
  • Monitoring filters suitable for user environments
  • GUI which promotes the user's convenience

Auto provisioning

  • Automated provisioning of TR-069-enabled devices
  • Implementing firmware upgrades for multiple CPEs immediately or according to the schedule set up by the administrator
  • Configuration management and parameter setting
  • Firmware policy-based download and management

Policy-based management

  • Event monitoring based on the policies defined by the administrator
  • Policy-based workflow management

Supporting multi-vendor equipment of diverse technologies(WiFi, 3G/4G LTE devices, Femtocell, etc.)

Northbound interface which enables interfacing with external systems such as OSS(NMS) and CRM

Key Benefits

  • Easy to identify overall network problems through the centralized network device monitoring environment
  • Contributing to the reduction of operating costs through remote monitoring capabilities for massively-installed devices and operational efficiency improvement
  • Contributing to a prompt understanding of the surrounding environment as well as a quick response to problems by identifying the location of devices that need troubleshooting on the map
  • Strengthening service competitiveness with a quick response to customers

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